Setting up and interacting with a Bee node is optimised for ease-of-use

Any crypto enthusiast with an interest in Swarm can set up and run a Bee node easily.

Measuring Success

  • Setting up a node (including crypto-onboarding) on Mac, Windows and Linux can be done in under 30' in >70% of the cases (both mainnet and testnet)
  • User funds are reasonably secure and this is guaranteed by an audit
  • There are multiple documented ways of monitoring and interacting with a Bee node
  • Setting up a Bee-Gateway is documented and easy to set up

Time Estimate

Q2 2022


If it is trivial to set up a Bee node, more of them will be set up, which will result in a stronger network. More people will be able to publish and access content (Milestone #1). Through the gateway set-up, developers and communities can easily access the Swarm network.

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