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The Swarm Foundation is made by an international team of visionaries, developers, scientists, sysadmins, operation managers, graphic designers and even international artists. Join the team to shape the future of Web3.

Bee team

Software Engineer (Go, blockchain)

In this role you will focus on developing the Bee client for the Swarm network. Ideal candidates have 3+ years in Go, knowledge of distributed systems, and experience with blockchain technologies. We value familiarity with go-ethereum, cryptographic tools, and a proactive approach to remote work.

QA Engineer (Go, blockchain)

This role requires the candidate to put themselves in the shoes of a large node operator for the purpose of conducting tests and understanding the perspective of node operators. The candidate should have experience in a similar QA role, possess coding skills, and have an interest in DevOps-related tasks.

Senior Software Engineer (Go, blockchain)

This role is for an experienced developer who will play a leading role in the development of the Bee client. You'll need a solid blockchain foundation, the ability to make high level architectural decisions, have experience with libp2p, go-ethereum, and be well versed in cryptography and distributed systems.

Grant Program

Grant Manager

You will work with grantees to make sure the process is mutually beneficial for them and for Swarm as a grantmaking organization. You will ensure, grantees are on track to succeed in reaching the agreed milestones. You will cooperate with multiple international teams parallelly.

Fair Data Society project

Browser extension developer

Fair Data Society project is looking for a browser extension developer. For this role, it's required you have proficiency in developing browser extensions, knowledgeable about Swarm and experience in writing technical documentation.

JavaScript Developer (Fairdrive protocol)

Fair Data Society project is looking for a Javascript developer for Fairdrive protocol. For this role, it's required you have proficiency in Javascript, deep understanding of web3 architecture and experience in writing technical documentation.