Swarm provides a complete stack of essential base layer components for developers. Build and host dApps, NFT meta-data, and media files, all within a decentralised framework!


Bee is a peer-to-peer client that connects you with other peers all over the world to become part of the Swarm network, a global distributed P2P storage network that aims to store and distribute all of the world's data. Running a full Bee node gives you access to all the functionalities of Swarm.
1 Welcome to Swarm.... Bzzz Bzzzz Bzzzz
2                 \     /
3             \    o ^ o    /
4               \ (     ) /
5    ____________(%%%%%%%)____________
6   (     /   /  )%%%%%%%(  \   \     )
7   (___/___/__/           \__\___\___)
8      (     /  /(%%%%%%%)\  \     )
9       (__/___/ (%%%%%%%) \___\__)
10               /(       )\
11             /   (%%%%%)   \
12                  (%%%)
13                    !


Bee-js is Bee’s complementary JavaScript library. It’s a powerful tool for building completely decentralised apps with just a few lines of code.
1 $ curl http://localhost:1633/chequebook/cashout/36b7efd913ca4cf880b8eeac5093fa27b0825906c600685b6abdd6566e6cfe8f
3 {
4     "peer""36b7efd913ca4cf880b8eeac5093fa27b0825906c600685b6abdd6566e6cfe8f",
5     "lastCashedCheque": {
6         "beneficiary": "36b7efd913ca4cf880b8eeac5093fa27b0825906",
7         "chequebook": "36b7efd913ca4cf880b8eeac5093fa27b0825906",
8         "payout": "1000000000000000000"
9     },
10     "transactionHash": "0x780cb6a37d1946978087896e1e489c37e30fe3e329510fff8d97360f73529f5a",
11     "result": {
12         "recipient": "36b7efd913ca4cf880b8eeac5093fa27b0825906",
13         "lastPayout": "1000000000000000000",
14         "bounced": true
15     },
16     "uncashedAmount": "1000000000000000000"


Swarm-CLI simplifies the process of node management and decentralised application development on the Swarm network by offering an intuitive and user-friendly command line interface which can be used for engaging with the Swarm ecosystem. This powerful tool enables effortless uploading and downloading of files, folders, and entire websites. Additionally, it streamlines the process of managing feeds and identities, and it makes node management a breeze.
1 swarm-cli feed upload dist --topic-string "Awesome Swarm Website"
3 ? Please select a stamp for this action. Stamp ID Usage (Use arrow keys)   
5 Stamp ID                                                       Usage
6 (Use arrow keys)
7 72a2d620385ed69fae10ceZadb7b2876b3a79ee0de193075f11973704593afe4 (1%)
8 a699acff6658f1ef44841dZeaZef07f620367bc3c0d791922c546ab07ddccd09 (19%)
9 39ee792a973aa0b28a7a4d8a8cd4b9616f93cb5d365b5d5183113c9f2ffzafb9 (33%)
11 Swarm root hash -> 937c0fc88583e42086737952cee8c6bd394fc8bb4cfd16c68…
12 URL -> http://localhost:1633/bzz/937c0fc88583e42086737952cee8c6bd394…


The Bee API provides a powerful HTTP interface with a rich set of endpoints for interacting with the Swarm network. It offers a wide range of functionalities for managing node resources and obtaining operational metrics and insights which are vital for node operators and decentralised application developers.
1 import { Bee } from  "@ethersphere/bee-js"
3 const bee = new Bee("http://localhost:1633")
5 // Be aware, this creates on-chain transactions that spend Eth and BZZ!
6 const batchId = await bee.createPostageBatch(‘100’, 17)
7 const uploadResult = await bee.uploadData(batchId, "Bee is awesome!")
8 const data = await bee.downloadData(uploadResult.reference)
10 console.log(data.text()) // prints ‘Bee is awesome!’

Layer2 tooling through ecosystem initiatives

Highlighted below are various ecosystem-driven projects designed to accelerate decentralised application development and foster data interoperability and sovereignty. The Swarm Foundation proudly supports these initiatives but does not guarantee their performance. Currently, all projects are undergoing intensive development, and contributions are highly encouraged. Additionally, the Swarm Foundation offers [grants]( to support contributions to the projects listed.

fairOS - decentralise your app

fairOS transforms the way you interact with Swarm by offering a distributed file system and versatile database solutions, including key-value and document (multi-index) databases. By freeing up developers to focus on building their applications rather than worrying about the intricacies of Swarm, fairOS gives developers a significant head start on their projects.

Fairdrive - take back control of your data

Fairdrive is a decentralised alternative to services like Dropbox and Google Drive, powered by Swarm. It provides a user-friendly interface for decentralised applications (dApps) and personal data storage. Fairdrive empowers users to take control of their data and allows developers to leverage it to easily add decentralised storage to their dApps.

Fair data protocol - help foster interoperability

Swarm envisions a diverse future with multiple data stores catering to various needs. Fair Data Protocol (FDP) acts as the connecting link, facilitating interoperability. Presently, the project is in an active development phase, and community members are encouraged to participate by contributing to or proposing enhancements through [Fair data Improvement Proposals](