Run a full node

Full node operators share their disk space with the Swarm network and are in turn rewarded for their services through a robust and self sustaining incentive system built with blockchain based smart-contracts and powered by the BZZ token.

Incentivised P2P Storage

Swarm uses the blockchain to provide a layer of incentivisation that has been missing from P2P file sharing and data transfer technologies in the decades since their inception. Built-in incentives have been designed to optimise the allocation of bandwidth (SWAP) and storage resources (Postage stamps) to render Swarm economically self-sustaining. Swarm nodes track relative bandwidth contribution on each peer connection, and excess debt due to unequal consumption can be settled in BZZ. Publishers in Swarm must spend BZZ to purchase the right to write data to Swarm and prepay some rent for long term storage.

Champion digital freedom

Running a full Swarm node enables the vision of a decentralised P2P data storage network which empowers web3 publishers and app developers to make their content unstoppable.

Foster public data projects

Swarm cultivates a nurturing ground in which vital public data initiatives like Open Street Maps can be collectively funded by their community members.