Make an impact

Swarm grants support many interesting projects that are already building their products on top of Swarm. Swarm bounties extend the ecosystem with tooling and infrastructure.

Swarm Grant Waves

Swarm grant waves enable developers, researchers, the community, and artists to familiarise themselves with Swarm by creating proofs-of-concept and minimum viable products (MVPs) that reflect their vision. The initial grants mark the beginning of collaboration, and those who achieve their milestones successfully are eligible to apply for subsequent grants. If you have any questions regarding the process, reach out to a Swarm team member on the official [Swarm Discord server](

Build on Swarm



DeBoot is researching and developing approaches to bootload OS images via decentralised networks such as Swarm


AutoSwarm Project by Kredeum: Ensuring Continuous NFT Availability on Swarm - Focused on maintaining the perpetual presence of NFTs, including their metadata and content, through reliable and sustainable storage solutions.


Protobox Gateway: Simplifying the Shift to Decentralised Storage - Effortlessly transition from AWS S3 to Swarm's secure, serverless data storage with Protonode's user-friendly gateway and Swarm Python SDK.


Nextcloud Swarm Plugin - Empowering Data Ownership. This innovative plugin integrates Swarm's decentralised file storage with Nextcloud, ensuring your data stays yours, securely anchored to the blockchain.


VideoWiki is a democratised, tokenised, AI-based immersive content creation platform capable of rewarding millions of digital content creators.


AgorApp is an e-training platform that allows you to learn Web3 development paired with an AI-driven skills-matching marketplace. Finding the perfect match between enterprises and talented developers.


Wholesum is a p2p verifiable computing network. It's a p2p network in the sense that all the communications between nodes happen through libp2p. Clients announce compute needs and wait for offers from servers. Once a deal is made, the compute job is sent to chosen servers for execution.


GetLogin Mobile is a single sign-on solution for decentralised applications. With it, you can authorize third-party mobile applications to work on your behalf with the safe allocation of cryptocurrency for these actions.


Etherna is developing a video platform that incentivises freedom of expression for both creators and users. Additionally, Etherna is creating various infrastructure tools tailored for developers, such as BeeNet and Beehive Manager, to enable seamless integration with the Swarm ecosystem.

Laibach X Swarm Decentralisation of art

By producing NFTs on Swarm, group Laibach is launching a social experiment that tackles the question of possibility in decentralised art, understanding it as a new form of creativity and playful interaction within a closed society.


BrainTrip has developed a Braintrip Dementia Index to diagnose and analyse EEG brain scan data. With this project Braintrip intends to store these highly sensitive EEG data on Swarm due to its privacy-first approach.


Dapplets aims to leverage target websites’ search results to pull data previously uploaded to Swarm, providing an interface for data interchange between the Dapplet and the search result provider.


EnergonX builds a fair hydrogen location-aware trading platform system. EnergonX aims to use the grant to implement the storage and retrieval of Production Certificates and Guarantees of Origin on Swarm. Clean energy is the new deal.

Grassroots Economics

Grassroots Economics is a non-profit foundation that seeks to empower marginalised communities to take charge of their own livelihoods and economic future.

Trilateral Research

The research will develop guiding principles for a commons approach to distributed file storage. The approach will be based on the Swarm base layer of the Ethereum stack