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Swarm grants support many interesting projects that are already building their products on top of Swarm. Swarm bounties extend the ecosystem with tooling and infrastructure.

Swarm Grant Waves

The purpose of Swarm grant waves is to enable developers, researchers, the community and artists to get to know Swarm and start exploring by creating proof(s)-of-concept, and MVPs that showcase their vision. This is just the start of collaboration. Those who successfully reach their milestones can apply for follow-up grants. If you have any questions regarding the process, reach out to the Swarm team on Discord.

Build on Swarm

Find a list of current grantees below. Yours could be next.
Etherna is building a decentralised video sharing platform to bring a fair data economy to creators, curators and fans.
Dapplets aims to leverage target websites’ search results to pull data previously uploaded to Swarm, providing an interface for data interchange between the Dapplet and the search result provider.
Copyright Delta
Copyright Delta wants to make it easy for copyright owners to host their own nodes on Ethereum Swarm and use it for digital rights management, administration and verification.
Envelop DAO
Envelop DAO offers a collateral-backed and price-discovery cross-chain protocol to provide NFTs with intrinsic value and liquidity that will increase with every transaction.
The goal is to become the first online eLearning platform to train and educate eagers and professionals in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the MENA Region.
Open Social Network
By building on Swarm, OSN creates a censorship-resistant, permissionless and decentralised social media platform.
SocialArchive allows users to store their own data, giving them sovereignty to keep it from and/or integrate it with other services if they wish to do so.
Laibach X Swarm Decentralisation of art
By producing NFTs on Swarm, group Laibach is launching a social experiment that tackles the question of possibility in decentralised art, understanding it as a new form of creativity and playful interaction within a closed society.
An interconnectable open source PDS (Personal Data Store) server envisioning a world wide web of protected data APIs.
A meme-generator on Swarm. The goal is an entertainment platform where users can store, publish and view memes that are saved in Swarm and aligned with Fair Data Society principles.
Hashd0x by Egor Kraft
The purpose of the Hashd0x installation is to start and facilitate a wider dialogue on the importance of spoof proof evidence collection and tools for open source investigations, so that democracy does not slide into tyranny.
FEDn is an open-source federated learning solution initiated and currently maintained by Scaleout. Federated learning enables machine learning without moving, pooling or disclosing data.
Trilateral Research
The research will develop guiding principles for a commons approach to distributed file storage. The approach will be based on the Swarm base layer of the Ethereum stack.
Zoomerok is a mobile app with short entertainment videos stored on Swarm and you’re in control of your privacy and data.
Ready Fighter One
Ready Fighter One wants to take real boxing to the virtual world, starting with a mini-app that connects to the Fairdrive personal data store.
Grassroots Economics
Grassroots Economics is a non-profit foundation that seeks to empower marginalised communities to take charge of their own livelihoods and economic future.
Atelier Ludensis
Atelier Ludensis is developing a Proof of Concept to link NFT streaming content via a semantic web-based multi-dimensional UX, visually linking the NFTs to relevant semantic nodes. Will there be a new ERC?
EnergonX builds a fair hydrogen location-aware trading platform system. EnergonX aims to use the grant to implement the storage and retrieval of Production Certificates and Guarantees of Origin on Swarm. Clean energy is the new deal.
A spam-free, secure and decentralized email service on top of Swarm, inspired by the idea of a mail-transfer protocol proposed by Daniel J. Bernstein in which the sender, and not the recipient, is responsible for storing the email messages.
VideoWiki is a democratized, tokenized, AI-based immersive content creation platform capable of rewarding millions of digital content creators.
Bittopia is a Decentralized Autonomous University and leverages open curriculums, blockchains, and decentralised technologies like Swarm to tokenize the successful transfer of knowledge from mentor to student.
AgorApp is an e-training platform that allows you to learn Web3 development paired with an AI-driven skills-matching marketplace. Finding the perfect match between enterprises and talented developers.
Sovr extends the compute capabilities of the FairOS-dfs by integrating toolings of the Golem network. The idea is to offer people compute pods: recipes for setting up, running, and finally collecting the results of a dapp execution session. Users can fork, share, and modify compute pods in an easy and intuitive manner.
An EVM-based communities focused blockchain, using Swarm as its storage layer.
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