Milestone 1

Host unstoppable content on Swarm

Host unstoppable content on Swarm

Uploading and downloading content such as websites or nft-metadata is optimised and predictable. This functionality can be accessed through all Swarm products: * Bee * Gateway * Swarm-CLI * Google Chrome extension * Dashboard * Bee-js

Measuring success

* Small amounts of data and dApps (\~5MB) can be uploaded and downloaded reliably * Websites can be accessed by means of a human-readable name without the need for completing a blockchain transaction for every update


Q4 2021


With this goal achieved, Swarm further unlocks the following features: * Permissionless upload and download * Robust defences against blocking or changing access to content once published * Auto-scaling with increased demand * Integrity protected content * Eventually forgetting content that is no longer relevant to preserve