BZZ token

Swarm’s native token provides users with access to data relay and storage services, and compensates node operators for these services.


Write and persist data
Publishers in Swarm use BZZ to write data on Swarm and have it stored over time.
Current storage price0 BZZfor 1 GByte for 1 month
Participate as a storage provider
Receive BZZ through Swarm’s redistribution mechanism for providing storage services.
Current redistribution pot0 BZZrewarded approximately every 15 minutes to a chosen node

How to acquire BZZ

There are many ways to acquire BZZ token, either on custodial centralised exchanges where you can trade traditional currencies andcryptocurrency, or through decentralised exchanges and protocols where you can trade between cryptocurrencies. *Note: All of these mechanisms entail risks: please get informed on best practices to stay safe and have a good experience with tokens and exchanges prior to using them*.
Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
Publishers in Swarm use BZZ to write data on Swarm and have it stored over time.
Centralised exchanges (CEXs)
An updated list of centralised exchanges can be found listed on price-tracking websites such as [Coingecko]( or [Coinmarketcap]( under their ‘markets’ tab.

How to use BZZ

Run a full node
Suport the network and [earn rewards]( for your services.
Swarm Desktop
Direct peer-to-peer access to the network.
Awesome Swarm
Free and open source projects related to Swarm and its ecosystem.


Is the token supply deflationary like Bitcoin?
The token supply is not fixed and can increase or decrease via the bonding curve. Put simply, if the supply goes up by one token, so does its price in the bonding curve contract, and vice versa. This makes BZZ neither inflationary nor deflationary. You can read about Swarm’s supply and bonding curve in detail [here](
What can I store with BZZ?
You can store data, from webpages, NFTs, archives, to data stores, music streaming services and much more.
Will I receive BZZ if I run a full node?
The storage incentives system compensates storage providers through a redistribution mechanism, depending on the amount of BZZ tokens they stake, and whether or not they are selected for redistribution. Read more [here](
Where is the BZZ token present?
BZZ is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum network and can be bridged to other networks through [Omnichain]( for Gnosis Chain or [Celer Network]( for Binance Smart Chain.


BZZ utility token should not be purchased for financial gain or speculation. There are risks related with holding and using BZZ token and other cryptocurrency, staking and participating in the network as a node operator. The node may not receive any reward at all, amounts staked may be unexpectedly slashed, uploaded data may become unavailable or corrupt, temporarily or permanently lost depending on the performance of the network during these phases. Only by participating actively in the network, its parameters can be tested and patched when needed. An external audit on the upgrades will be conducted in parallel with the estimated delivery date being March 2023. All dates and information in this page is indicative and may change without prior warning. Follow us on discord and twitter for updates.

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