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Swarm is a decentralised data storage and distribution technology. Ready to power the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable, serverless dapps.

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Privacy for individuals ↔ Trust for the data economy

Unstoppable data

Swarm continues where the blockchain ends, making the world computer real.

Open & Borderless

Swarm is open source code, limited only by the people who use and maintain it - Join a community building the future of the web.


Redundant storage with local replication ensures data availability even in the face of node dropouts or data loss.

No downtime

Swarm is decentralised and distributed, and so it’s also always up, making it stable and reliable.

Privacy first

Swarm nodes provide cryptographic support enabling you to use network in an unrestricted way while building blocks like “Single-owner-chunks” enable extraordinary zero-leak privacy.

DDOS resistant

Swarm network is fully decentralised peer-to-peer network while it’s resilience against DDoS grows with every additional node in the network.

Credible neutrality

Swarm is built to not discriminate - it’s in the very nature of our design, and permeates throughout our mission.
Sustainable Development Goals

Odyssey Data Upload

The Swarm Foundation aims to empower non-profits to store their data securely and censorship-resistant. Swarm will subsidise data uploads from selected projects to incentivise public goods and advance the Sustainable Development Goals.
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Real-world ready

Develop fast and free

Swarm provides a complete stack of essential base layer components for developers. Build and host dApps, NFT meta-data, and media files, all within a decentralised framework!
Bee is a peer-to-peer client that connects you with other peers all over the world to become part of the Swarm network, a global distributed P2P storage network that aims to store and distribute all of the world's data. Running a full Bee node gives you access to all the functionalities of Swarm.
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What is happening

Swarm News

An open-source, censorship-resistant blog hosted on Swarm.
State of the Network: June

State of the Network: June

This report provides a detailed analysis of various Swarm network metrics for June 2024
Monthly Development Update – May 2024

Monthly Development Update – May 2024

Bee 2.1 is out and live. Key changes include improved stability, performance and limits to the number of freezes per round..
Swarm Summit 2024: Upload the future - RECAP

Swarm Summit 2024: Upload the future - RECAP

On 20-21 June 2024, the developer of decentralised data storage and distribution technology Swarm held its sixth annual summit which was also Swarm’s first IRL summit in five years.
Decentralise web

Your decentralised web3 dapp in 4 steps

1. Fork on GitHub

Find a forkable project that should be decentralised or extended.

2. Connect to FDP

Extend it with the Fair data protocol so that users have their data saved in their private data store.

3. Upload to Swarm

Once hosted on Swarm it becomes accessible to all, with essentially zero hosting costs for developers.

4. Grow through FDP

Submit requests to be added in Fairdrive’s dapp store and make it available to existing Fairdrive users.
Interoperability and data sovereignty

Fair Data Protocol

Fair data protocol enables a fairer data economy that promotes human rights through privacy, digital sovereignty, and data interoperability.
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One Swarm, united in PLUR, guided by virtue

Build on Swarm

Swarm grants and online events support many interesting projects that are already building their products on top of Swarm.


DeBoot is researching and developing approaches to bootload OS images via decentralised networks such as Swarm


AutoSwarm Project by Kredeum: Ensuring Continuous NFT Availability on Swarm - Focused on maintaining the perpetual presence of NFTs, including their metadata and content, through reliable and sustainable storage solutions.


Protobox Gateway: Simplifying the Shift to Decentralised Storage - Effortlessly transition from AWS S3 to Swarm's secure, serverless data storage with Protonode's user-friendly gateway and Swarm Python SDK.